Aging is inevitable. We fight it, we deny it, we spend our lives trying to avoid it, but ultimately, our age catches up to us. As we get older, our skin begins to reflect that age through fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, and other irregularities. These imperfections in our skin can cause us to look and feel older than we are, and can easily cause us to become insecure about our outward appearance. Though there is no magical fountain of youth or cure-all elixir for stopping the aging process, these issues can be treated; and rediscovering our youthful, vibrant, and beautiful complexions isn’t as difficult as you might think.

When it comes to dealing with issues such as pesky crow’s feet, laugh lines, acne scars, sun damage, and sagging skin, it’s easy to become frustrated. Results from cheap cosmetics and ineffective spa services can leave us feeling hopeless. A lot of products and treatments promise beautiful, lasting results when, in fact, all they deliver is lofty price tags and disappointment. However, there are chemical peels on the market that not only promise anti-aging results, but also actually deliver them tenfold without the exorbitant costs and questionable results found with so many other procedures. And, when it comes to dealing with the most common and unsightly skin conditions associated with premature aging, there aren’t many procedures more profound than the Vi Peel by Vi Aesthetics.

The Power of the Vi Peel

The Vi Peel is not only unbelievably effective at reducing signs of aging, but also mimics the results of more expensive and invasive procedures without all the associated pain, recovery time, and cost. The Vi Peel works by infusing the skin with powerful ingredients designed to strengthen the skin from within. Ingredients such as Retin-A, antioxidant vitamin C, TCA, and salicylic acid work in unison to provide the skin with all the cleansing, revitalizing, and rejuvenating properties of an entire skin care regimen packed into one easy and effective treatment.

The best part of the Vi Peel – aside from its ability to redefine aged and tired skin – is that it comes in a variety of strengths to accommodate your specific skin type and needs. Additionally, the Vi Peel can be used on the most sensitive and susceptible parts of the face and body, including the delicate eye area.

The Vi Peel is easy to apply and can even be performed over the course of a lunch break. After the peel is applied, results are often seen in patients in as little as one week following treatment. As results come from naturally occurring ingredients delivered deep into the layers of the skin, patients can see long-lasting and vibrant effects. By using complimentary products such as sunscreen and an appropriate moisturizer, these effects can last even longer.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Curtin is a medical aesthetician, who is nationally recognized for her expertise in medical skin care. With more than 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics, she is dedicated to the aesthetic industry and has received awards of merit including the International CIDESCO Certification, Assistant Cosmetic Laser Practitioner and National Leadership Award. Jennifer is also an expert in micropigmentation and the president of Skintherapy, which is located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. To schedule a complimentary appointment with Jennifer, call 404-358-2961 or click here to submit a consult request online.