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Micropigmentation Atlanta GA

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Enhance the Beauty of Your Face with Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation is a popular procedure that can enhance your barefaced look or help you forgo makeup all together. Micropigmentation of the skin, sometimes called permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo, is designed to enhance the face by darkening certain features, like lips and eyebrows, or outlining eyes. Ideally, results mimic topically applied cosmetics — saving you time in the morning and giving you an instant, enhanced look.

This is not only an excellent option for people who don’t trust their hand at applying daily makeup or don’t want to spend time “putting on their face,” but it’s also a great procedure for those who have undergone chemotherapy or suffered other types of hair loss.

The Various Uses of Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation has nearly unlimited uses. Here are a few that we most commonly see at Skintherapy:

  • Eyebrow liner
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip color
  • Other makeup techniques

The most popular application of these tattoos is eyeliner and eyebrow liner. Click here to learn more about how this procedure can help give sparse eyebrows the look you desire.

About the Procedure

When you come in for the procedure, an initial sketch will be drawn over the area to define the color and shape. Once the color and shape are approved, a numbing cream is applied to the spot before the procedure. This topical anesthetic will help deal with any discomfort with this procedure.

Micropigmentation is often applied to more sensitive areas of the face, but the procedure is generally well tolerated and not nearly as painful as a decorative tattoo. Tattoo needles reach deeper into the skin.

The procedure takes about an hour, depending on the size of the area being tattooed. Micropigmentation can be broken up into multiple sessions, if necessary.

Oftentimes, at least two sessions are needed to reach desired results, and follow-up treatments may be required to keep your look fresh, as tattoos can fade over time, especially with exposure to the sun. The better you take care of the skin, the longer the results will last.

After the Procedure

Expect redness and peeling following a micropigmentation treatment. Ice packs and liberal amounts of an approved moisturizer will help the micropigmented areas heal. Immediately following the procedure, the cosmetic tattoo will appear darker, but the pigment will gradually soften.

In the first 24 hours after the procedure, avoid vigorous exercise and sweating. In the first three to four days, avoid harsh soaps and only pat-dry your face. For at least a week, avoid touching the pigmented area. Avoid tanning beds and the sun until the treated area is completely healed (in fact, you may want to keep your pigmented areas out of the sun entirely as UV rays fade tattoos).

You’ll also want to avoid Retin-A, certain moisturizers, and exfoliates on all micropigmented areas. These can cause pigments to fade and lighten prematurely.

Ten days after the procedure, the final color should be stabilized, though it may continue to fade slightly requiring additional touch-ups. The more natural the look, the more you will likely require touch-ups.


As with other types of tattoos, micropigmentation carries some risk. These include line asymmetry, an allergic reaction to the pigments being used, and infection. Talk to a skin care professional to find out if this is the right treatment for you.

To avoid complications, get to know your skin care professional and make sure you ask questions about the process. If you feel uncomfortable or you don’t see a great portfolio of past work, find another professional to work with. The skin care professional should always wear gloves during the procedure.