When it comes to skin restoration, the most effective treatments are those that mimic and promote natural healing processes within the body. When foreign substances or agents are applied, the body tends to react poorly to them, often rejecting them entirely which can lead to unnecessary injury and unnatural results. Promoting inherent healing processes, however, makes the body react optimally to treatments, which garners beautiful, more compelling, and longer-lasting results.

At Skintherapy, we make it our mission to provide our clients with the most efficient and natural options for skin restoration. Of these options, one of the most transformative is microneedling.

Triggering Collagen and Elastin Production

Microneedling treatments are performed with devices that use several tiny needles to puncture the skin at desired depths. This relatively simple approach to skin therapy has profound results on several common conditions, skin disorders, and imperfections.

Microneedling employs a technique called controlled wound therapy, wherein the skin is injured slightly to promote healing. As these tiny needles penetrate the skin, two vital proteins, known as collagen and elastin, are stimulated. Collagen and elastin are essential for keeping skin firm and wrinkle-free. As we age, levels of both collagen and elastin begin to deplete in our bodies. With less of these essential proteins, our skin begins to loosen, sag, and create deep wrinkles and folds. By promoting new collagen and elastin growth, skin can be transformed to regain much of its previous vitality and structure.

Shedding Dead Skin Cells and Expediting New Skin Growth

As the microneedling treatment penetrates the skin, it also causes old, damaged cells to die and shed from the body. This allows room for new skin cells to grow in their place. By exfoliating the skin in this way, microneedling speeds up the natural growth process of the skin. This ensures that damaged skin cells are removed from the body at a much quicker rate than normal.

This rapid exfoliation enhances the overall look and health of the skin, while simultaneously ridding the body of such ailments as acne scarring, melasma, stretch marks, brown spots, rosacea, and other pigment issues. These anti-aging results can absolutely remodel the skin’s appearance in a matter of weeks.

What to Know Leading up to Your Microneedling Treatment

Prior to your treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and applied with a topical anesthetic cream to minimize pain and discomfort. The procedure itself takes roughly 60 minutes; during which time, all problem skin areas will be targeted.

Following the procedure, patients will experience some mild redness and discomfort, similar to a slight sunburn. This is essential to the healing process and typically subsides within a couple days. After the redness subsides, the skin may begin to peel, depending on the intensity and depth of your treatment. Again, this is an essential part of the healing process and should not be of any concern to patients.

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