Hyperpigmentation is not just a daily hindrance to perfect skin, causing you to be reliant on foundation. It also is a reminder of past skin trauma. But there is good news: Hyperpigmentation is not necessarily a permanent condition, and we have several solutions available, depending on the underlying cause.

In this post, I’m going to focus on post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and its effective treatments.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the most common cause of altered skin color. Also known as PIH or melanosis, it can occur in any skin type, though it is more prevalent for those of naturally darker complexions. Pigmentation can range from light brown to black.

Trauma, infection, sun-exposure, and more can trigger PIH.

How does it occur? Inflammation in the outermost layers of the skin (epidermis) causes skin-color cells to increase melanin synthesis and to transfer the pigment to surrounding cells.

Two of my go-to treatments for PIH are the IPL Photofacial and VI Peel.

IPL Photofacial

IPL delivers high-intensity pulses of broadband light that is non-ablative, meaning that is does not damage the surface of the skin where the trauma initially occurred. The intense light is delivered to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis) where the excess melanin is being produced.

Three to four treatments, spaced about four weeks apart, may be needed to achieve desired results. This treatment is not recommended for naturally darker skin tones.

VI Peel

Produced by VI Aesthetics, the VI Peel is a pharmaceutical-grade topical application that contains several ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation. TCA, salicylic acid, phenol, and Retin-A, which are all present in the VI Peel, work to reduce unwanted skin pigmentation.

Three to six treatments, spaced four weeks apart, may be needed to achieve desired results. Unlike the photofacial, the VI Peel has been proven safe for dark skin types.

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