If you’ve done any Internet homework on chemical peels, then you’ve likely stumbled upon some pretty scary experiences with this facial treatment.

One of the most famous examples everyone thinks of when they think of chemical-peels-gone-wrong is Samantha from “Sex in the City,” although Samantha’s experience was less of a nightmare because she recovered without any lasting damage. The real issue is that she didn’t plan for the necessary downtime you need out of the public eye. The sunburned look with mild peeling and flaking is expected, especially with a deep chemical peel.

That said, chemical peels are not without risks and uncertainty. However, you can minimize risk and uncertainty through working with an experienced skin care professional and making an educated choice.

Chemical peels are a very safe procedure, but only under the watchful eye of a professional.

That said, it is a procedure that is recommended for only certain skin types because it can cause temporary or permanent color change. Hormone medications or a family history of skin hyperpigmentation may increase your chance of this risk. Make sure you inform your skin care professional on the types of medications you are on, including acne treatments, or if you have experienced any unusual scarring.

If you have one or more of the following, you may want to reconsider getting a chemical peel:

  • Abnormal skin scarring
  • Abnormal pigmentation
  • Darker skin
  • Herpes or facial warts
  • Red hair with pale, freckled skin

At-home chemical peel products typically are riskier than an in-clinic procedure with an experienced skin care professional. This is because you’re not working with a skin care professional who can help determine if the procedure is right for you and what strength to go with.

Above all, never just buy the raw ingredients and slather on. This is how real and lasting damage can be done. No cheap price tag is worth permanent damage.

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